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Why Digidentity?

Almost everyone leaves a digital trail of their personal data and identity on the internet. For example when making purchases at web stores or on social media. These activities are not always safe and fraudsters are always looking for new ways to get hold of someone else's personal information.

For companies

Successful business is all about trust. Now that most business is managed online you cannot always see the person you communicate with. Therefore you must establish that the person with whom you think you are doing business is actually that person. Digidentity can make your company and its services securely accessible online. Customers can get in touch with you by logging in using Digidentity and we can help you create an online environment where you can do business safely.

For personal use

Digidentity offers you a secure online identity and online security gives you freedom. Freedom to communicate, log in, sign and navigate the web securely. You can link an eHerkenning credential to your Digidentity, an eSGN product for digital signing or one of our other products or services.

For the government

The government requires a lot of personal data from its citizens. It's easy for people to share this online, but it can sometimes feel unsafe to do so. The feeling that this sensitive information might fall into the wrong hands can be very frightening. The government has a duty to guarantee the safety of its citizens and online safety is no exception. Digidentity gives the government the opportunity to guarantee this, so citizens can be sure their personal information is protected in the best possible way.


We are always there for you

Digidentity is officially recognised as an eHerkenning broker. We help companies and government agencies to identify themselves digitally. That makes digitally doing business easy and reliable. Digidentity provides eHerkenning accounts for logging in, but can also help service providers access online services through eHerkenning.

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