A name, a mission, a set of values

Digidentity is more than just a name. We are the market leader for eSigning and secure online identity products and services. We build our systems in line with our mission and on the strength of our values.


About Digidentity

Our mission statement

Digidentity was established in 2008, with a clear goal in mind: to enable and protect people’s digital lives. Years later that goal is still at the heart of Digidentity’s expanded mission to develop a safe and sustainable digital ecosystem for all.

About Digidentity

Pioneer of identification, authentication & digital signing

Build an environment of trust

To best enable a safe digital life, we offer identification and authentication services at the highest levels. To achieve a safe digital life, Digidentity has designed and built new systems as the systems did not exist.

Reinforce digital transactions

Our world economy increasingly depends on communications and transactions which take place online. This can promote growth and stability, but it also introduces new risks and vulnerabilities. We want to offset those risks and vulnerabilities with services which support a secure marketplace.

A secure and simple online identity concept

Logging in to services online has become more complex and more numerous. Almost every website requires its own set of unique login credentials, and as a result, individuals have to keep track of and protect a growing amount of private login data.

Verified over 25 million identities

  • About Digidentity
    Leading mobile authentication technology

    Our Identity Wallet makes secure authentication possible from the palm of your hand. This makes electronic signatures, identification and numerous other secure processes more efficient than previously possible.

  • About Digidentity
    Legally binding and regulation compliant

    eSGN offers legally binding electronic signatures at the highest levels of assurance in accordance with EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS).

  • About Digidentity
    Bespoke, scalable solutions

    Our unique identification, authentication and electronic signing services can be accessed and managed in-house using secure APIs and integrated fully with your own systems with the mobile SDK.


Digidentity is on a mission to protect and enable people’s digital lives. It is on its way to forming the actual standard of the market, whilst also constantly looking for better, more innovative solutions to improve our services.

  • Management

    Marcel Wendt
    Founder / CTO

  • Management

    Dick Dekkers
    Business Development Director

  • Management

    Fred Slikker
    Managing Director

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