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Digidentity is a proud partner of Adobe

Digidentity has partnered with Adobe to bring trusted electronic signatures to millions of users worldwide.

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Electronic signatures when and wherever you need them.  

Since September 2021, Digidentity and Adobe Acrobat Sign empowers multiple signatories to consult, share and e-sign documents globally. Adobe resells our Advanced and Qualified electronic signatures as a part of of Adobe Acrobat Sign offering.  

Global software giant Adobe is one of the biggest suppliers of electronic signatures. Utilising their global reach and Digidentity’s remote identification assurance service, organisations experience a smooth onboarding process and can start e-signing within minutes. Our onboarding process using smartphones allows users to verify their identity quickly without leaving their desks. Easy and fast. 

We enabled 180+ nationalities with 4000+ identity documents to use electronic signatures when and wherever they needed. Adobe Acrobat Sign and Digidentity are your partners in e-signing. 

Advantages of e-signing

  • 1 Simplified implementation

    The seamless integration between Adobe Acrobat Sign and Digidentity allows simplification of business processes. Start using e-signing today, sign documents, and invite other signatories worldwide.

  • 2 Easy and fast onboarding

    Reduce operational costs and precious time thanks to our fully remote onboarding and identity verification process, without compromising security and reliability. Start e-signing within minutes.

  • 3 Trustworthy signatures

    Electronic signatures with a high level of trust, ensuring you know for sure who you are doing business with. Allowing you to sign legally binding documents that cannot be edited without your knowledge.



eSGN Qualified

Five qualified electronic signatures (QES). Identity Document with NFC chip required.


Five signatures excl. VAT

eSGN Qualified
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eSGN Advanced

Five advanded electronic signatures (AdES). Requires official identity document to register.


Five signatures excl. VAT

eSGN Advanced
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