Do you need some inspiration for Christmas? - 5 Book tips


At Digidentity we are all about being online. But an old fashioned book for the long December evenings? That remains a necessity. Here are some tips to pass onto Father Christmas.

Komt een vrouw bij de h@cker (Dutch Edition, translation is 'A woman visits the h@cker')

Journalist Maria Genova dips into the world of hacking and learns how easy it is to break into online systems. Read our interview with her.


Je hebt wel iets te verbergen (Dutch Edition, translation is 'You have something to hide')

Authors Martijn Maurits and Dimitri Tokmetzis write about how privacy as a right is slowly being eradicated.


The Circle

Known romantic Dave Eggers writes about how a company such as Google or Facebook can take over our life. I have also written a blog about this.


The End of Privacy

Trend watcher Adjiedj Bakas gives an impression of the future, where the Internet and privacy are increasingly at odds with each other.


The Phoenix Project

George Spafford & Gene Kim: An exciting novel about an impossible IT project, a must-read for every IT professional.