First login for highest level Idensys in use


Together with PAZIO Digidentity have become the first in The Netherlands to offer the login for Idensys High. Through this it is possible to meet demands from the Government - to provide citizens with safer and more secure logins for the health sector. The new login from Digidentity has been available since November 16th 2016.

PAZIO provides a platform for eHealth in the health sector, which combines online services and portals for the healthcare consumer. With PAZIO the user gets online access to all of their health and welfare related services through one portal. PAZIO is a leader in the area of authentication for health services, and have been positive regarding the developments in Idensys. PAZIO have taken Digidentity, as the first provider, into production and thus Digidentity remain at the forefront of developments and implementation on a daily basis.

Digidentity were also the first provider of any Idensys login, starting in December 2015. In November the highest level of assurance for Idensys become possible. With this high level of Idensys, organisations within healthcare will be able to satisfy all criteria (as well as new criteria) surrounding electronic data.

New requirements from the cabinet

The minister of internal affairs has stated that from the end of 2018 every citizen should be able to register for a higher level of assurance to obtain online access to their medical details. This has been written within a cabinet letter, where he announced that the so-named BSN-Domain (National Registration Number) requires the highest level of assurance in many instances.

From DigID to Idensys

Within the BSN-Domain the cabinet want to make the official online authentication more modern and secure. The existing solution will be replaced by Idensys, the new platform for online identification. The requirements dictated a new platform where strict security measures could be met with a user-friendly process. With the products “Idensys Substantial” and “Idensys High” Digidentity were able to satisfy the requirements.

Implementation started

The cabinet has already started rolling out the new login method. The tax office service (Belastingdienst) and the healthcare sectors are already active. The new products from Digidentity also have a broader use. They are also compatible with eHerkenning (eHerkenning), where the product can be used for business purposes. Besides this, the products would also be able to replace the UZI-pas, Defensiepas (Military), Rijkspas (Government), Notarispas (Notary), Advocatenpas (Lawyer) and many other initiatives. With the products from Digidentity it is also possible to reduce costs, to manage and control resources and to do preparation in line for eIDAS, the European version of the system. On top of that users can choose within Idensys which party they would like to purchase a product from.

About Digidentity

The Dutch company Digidentity takes a main role in the area of digital identitification. Digidentity developed DigID for the Dutch Government, and are also active in the Dutch authentication systems eHerkenning (eHerkenning) and Idensys. In the UK Digidentity are a market leader in delivering the platform GOV.UK Verify system.