Open Identity Exchange UK Board Election Results


The Board elections at OIX UK have come to a close and the results have been announced. Congratulations to Emma Lindley, founder and Director of Innovate Identity. Having received the most votes, she will be the general member representative on the OIX UK Board and Exectutive commitee. Coming in second place is our very own Marcel Wendt, who will be acting as the general membership's Alternative Representative.

Sue Dawes, at OIX UK, had this to say about the election results:

I have the good fortune to work with several Boards of pragmatic, optimistic, and thoughtful individuals. The new OIX UK Board is a group of some of the Identity's best developers, marketers, and policy-makers. Their work can make a real difference for UK citizens, customers and member organisations.

Thank you to all who voted to elect a general member and alternate who will represent you on the Open Identity Exchange UK Board of Directors. All general members were eligible and many took the opportunity to nominate and second candidates, and vote.

I am pleased to announce the election of Emma Lindley as the general member representative on the OIX UK Board and Executive Committee, shaping the plans, priorities and operations of the Open Identity Exchange UK. Emma brings hard won experience, thought leadership and technical acumen to the Board of OIX UK. Emma's focus on representing OIX UK's general membership views is a key commitment.

Marcel Wendt received the second highest number of votes and will act as the general membership's Alternate Representative. Marcel's experience and insight in European and UK cross-border interoperability standards seems especially important and timely in light of recent events. Both appointments are for one year and require a substantial investment of time and energy.

One of OIX UK's focus areas is on a collaboration of "rules of the road" for how identity data and services developed for GOV.UK Verify might be re used in other sectors. This will require painstaking consensus building. that must extend beyond the Board. Accordingly, I want to acknowledge David Dalton-Brown and Ian Imeson for putting themselves forward as candidates and the support they received. Their leadership will continue to shape the direction of OIX UK and benefit all involved.

Please join me in thanking all the candidates for their service to Open Identity Exchange UK."

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