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Reliable Certificates

Data exchange is increasingly taking place online, between companies and with the government. This communication must be secure and for this Digidentity - as a Qualified Trust Service Provider - supplies various types of certificates.

Digidentity certificates meet the highest requirements of the government and the European eIDAS regulation.

PKIoverheid stands for the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) of the Dutch government. This system regulates the issue and management of digital certificates under the authority of the Dutch state. PKIoverheid offers a high level of assurance for all certificate types.


SBR Certificate

With a PKIoverheid SBR certificate you get access to the digital counter of the government via Standard Business Reporting (SBR). Fast, easy and reliable, with this certificate you are recognised as a trusted sender and you have a secure connection with the government's electronic mailbox.

  • Your certificate within days
  • Access to services via Digipoort such as the tax authorities
  • Suitable for use with tax packages
  • Valid for 3 years

Professional certificate

With electronic communication it is not possible to use a 'wet' signature. When a professional certificate is used, the recipient of the electronic message can irrefutably determine which person has signed this message and that this person is authorised to perform their duties. In the case of an AA or RA this means that he is registered in the audit register. Professional certificates are reserved for practitioners of a recognised profession, such as accountants, chartered accountant and administration consultants.

  • Your certificate within days
  • Personal digital signature
  • Valid for 1 year

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Digidentity is officially recognised as an eHerkenning broker. We help companies and government agencies to identify themselves digitally. That makes digitally doing business easy and reliable. Digidentity provides eHerkenning accounts for logging in, but can also help service providers access online services through eHerkenning.

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