eHerkenning a Reliable and Secure Login System for the insurance industry







A New Digital Passport to Securely Login to insurance portals

The current Digital Passport knows some drawbacks from a security perspective. Recently after collaboration with SIVI, a new authentication method has been chosen, based on the eHerkenning platform used by the Dutch government.

Service providers and users who use Digital Passports to login to insurance portals have until December 2020 to switch from the use of Digital Passports to eHerkenning.

In practice, this will mean that Digidentity will ask you to appoint one or more Company administrators. The company administrator will have to be authorized by someone who is authorized to sign on behalf of the company. The company administrator will then be able to authorize other people to use eHerkenning on behalf of the company.

Roll out of new Digital Passports for your company

Announce the transition within your team and company

For a smooth transition, notify your team and make sure everyone in your company is on the same page.

Assign a Company administrator

Assign one or more company administrators who will be responsible for supplying and managing identification products.

Ask employee to register for an eHerkenning product with Digidentity

Depending on the level of assurance, Digidentity will need more personal information. Be sure to have your KVK number on hand.

Digital Passport included with a Digidentity eHerkenning product

New Digital Passports, easier to use and widely implemented.

More about eHerkenning

What this means for your employees?

An eHerkennings product is a personal product which cannot be shared or transferred. An authorization is granted on a service level and on personal basis. An authorization can be granted by someone who is authorized to sign on behalf of the company, conforming to KVK standards. When you are not authorized to sign, you will have to request authorization from the company.

With a chain authorization, an organization is able to authorize a different organization to be able to use their eHerkennings product.

Want to request eHerkenning? This is what you will need:


Determine your required level of assurance

Think in advance about which service(s) you want to have access to. This will determine the level of assurance you will request.


Make sure you are authorised

The company's administrator must give permission for you to prove that you are authorised to operate online on behalf of the company. 


Keep your details to hand

In order to apply for an account, we request your personal details and your proof of identity. You should also have to hand the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number of the company in whose name you are applying.

Level 3
Per year excl. VAT
Tax authority
Level 3
Per year excl. VAT
Level 2+
€ 21,-
Per year excl. VAT
Level 4
€ 72,-
Per year excl. VAT