Swift and safe digital signing



The signatory can do business digitally from anywhere and at any time.

Cost effective

Cost effective

Reduce operational costs and stop manual processes.

Legally valid

Legally valid

The qualified digital signature is 100% legally valid and we fully meet the latest security requirements.

Digital signature with eSGN

No more printing, scanning or sticking stamps. With eSGN from Digidentity, PDF documents are digitally signed. This qualified digital signature is 100% legal. With eSGN you know exactly who you are doing business with, and you can be certain that the content remains the same.

Your customers add their digital signature via their mobile device, tablet or computer from anywhere, at any time. With an eSGN account, they'll be notified when a document is ready to be signed and you'll be notified as soon as everyone has signed the document. You can also use eSGN (in the app) to send them a quick reminder if they still need to sign. eSGN saves money, time and meets the highest security requirements. According to European and Dutch legislation, there are three types of electronic signatures. 


eSGN Basic

Get started quickly with a digital signature! You can use this electronic signature, for example, to sign your insurance policy (in PDF format).


eSGN Advanced

This advanced digital signature has a high degree of reliability and legal certainty because the identity of the signatory has been established by us. eSGN Advanced is used, for example, to file your tax return.


eSGN Qualified

This is the most reliable, qualified digital signature and it is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. In the event of a legal dispute, the contrary must be proved.

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