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Reduce operational costs and put an end to manual processes. No need to send notes or follow up by phone. Just send signing reminders with eSGN.

Digital signing

Digital signing

Fully compliant with EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS). Our signatures are as legally binding as your handwritten signature.

All-in-one identity

All-in-one identity

Register your digital identity once and use it to sign documents and access services online.

Integrate trusted, legally binding digital signatures seamlessly into your workflow with eSGN

<p>Conduct all your business digitally. Sign documents using your smartphone, tablet or desktop with the knowledge that your digital signature is fully compliant to all the latest Cloud Signature Consortium and eIDAS EU Regulation. By simplifying your company processes while protecting your personal data, eSGN allows multiple signatories to consult, share, and sign a document securely. Use our web application, integrate our API, or simply choose Digidentity as your provider in Adobe Sign.</p><p>Create an account, choose your electronic signature, and sign documents online with a legally binding signature starting today.</p>eSGN Adobe Partners

How does it work?

<p>An eSGN digital signature contains cryptographic electronic data that ensures a document has not been edited or tampered with. If it has, the signature is invalidated. All our digital signatures are linked to an identity and therefore come with an additional level of trust.</p><p>This is how regulation such as eIDAS defines whether or not a signature is legally binding in a court of law. The different types of signatures are based on the level of identity verification to secure and verify the identity of the person signing.</p>

From an email address to fully qualified signatures, look no further


eSGN Basic

Get up and running straight away with a Basic Electronic Signature. Register an account and start signing, no extra steps required.


eSGN Advanced

By verifying your personal details, an Advanced Electronic Signature guarantees the legal certainty of your identity. Whilst ensuing that you have control over your data. All that you share is a signature on a document.


eSGN Qualified

All the advantages of an Advanced signature with the highest level of Qualified Electronic Signature, equivalent to a handwritten signature and recognised in all EU member states under eIDAS.

How to get started with eSGN from Digidentity

  1. Create a Digidentity account quickly, easily and securely.
  2. Register for eSGN Basic, Advanced or Qualified from the “Products” tab.
  3. For Advanced and Qualified signatures, you'll need an identity document to hand so you can prove your identity via the Digidentity app.
  4. Start signing your documents with eSGN or Adobe Sign.

What defines Digidentity?

We protect internet users. Our expertise in digital identity, combined with and our data solutions provides a safe place that allows the user fast access to their personal data.

A Digidentity is a users unique digital ID. It can be used to access critical services anywhere in the world where the Digidentity logo is shown. Secure, Convenient & Fast.