Digidentity is a proud partner of Adobe

Digidentity has partnered with Adobe to bring trusted electronic signatures to millions of users worldwide.

Adobe Sign allows multiple signatories to consult, share, and sign a document securely and efficiently. Streamline time-consuming business processes by signing contracts, agreements, and other documents in minutes without printing.

Onboard swiftly through our mobile application (iOS/Android). Our remote identity verification process allows lightning-fast registration performed across 180+ nationalities and 4000+ identity documents.

Do you want your employees or customers to sign a contract or document? From any location in the world? And within minutes?

Adobe Sign and Digidentity are the right partners for you.

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eSGN Advanced

EU Advanced Electronic Signature (AES). Contains a digital certificate that links the signature to a verified ID.

Registration requires a driving license, passport or identity card.

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eSGN Qualified

EU Qualified Electronic Signature (QES). Contains a qualified digital certificate that links the signature to a verified ID.

Registration requires a passport or identity card with NFC capabilities.

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Electronic signatures delivered through a seamless experience

Start today with managing your business digitally. Simplify your organisation's procedures while protecting the personal data of your business and clients.

Create an account, choose your electronic signature, and sign documents immediately in an efficient, secure, and legally binding manner.

What are the benefits of electronic signatures?

Cost reduction

Electronic signatures reduce spending by eliminating paper, ink, and postage costs.


Accelerate business processes and transactions by significantly decreasing signature time.


Signed documents provide assurance that a document hasn’t been altered since the date of signing. Any alterations are automatically detected and invalidate the signature(s).


We are always there for you

Digidentity is officially recognised as an eHerkenning broker. We help companies and government agencies to identify themselves digitally. That makes digitally doing business easy and reliable. Digidentity provides eHerkenning accounts for logging in, but can also help service providers access online services through eHerkenning.

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