GOV.UK Verify: a secure way to prove your identity online

It makes it safe, quick and easy to access government services, such as filing your tax or checking the information on your driving licence. Registration for GOV.UK Verify is also quite simple if you use Digidentity. You will be set up in no time using your identity document and your smartphone. Then you will have an online identity that you can use safely when dealing online with the authorities.

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eHerkenning is DigiD for companies.


The newer way of logging in.

GOV.UK Verify

Deal online with the authorities.

SBR Certificates

Secure information exchange.

SSL Certificates

Safe communication.

Professional Certificates

Digital signatures.

Digital signing

Digitally sign documents.

Digital passports

DP's and company certificates for Solera.

Other products

For selected Dutch companies.

Your own Digidentity, be verified

You need our app for your Digidentity. From application to daily use. You will be on the go in a few easy steps.

Request a Digidentity

Forget your passwords for all the different websites. Just request one Digidentity. Keep it simple and safe.



Register your profile. Create an account and enter your details. Next, you will identify yourself.



We verify your details. This is to make sure you are indeed who you say you are. For example, based on your passport.


Use it

Congratulations, you have your own super-safe online identity. You can login with authorities and companies, as your true self.

Safe, Simple, Secure, Be Verified

Call it a passport. Or a driving licence. With your Digidentity you can move around freely online. Login safely and easily – every window will open.

Be verified

Are you who you say you are? We verify your details and save it in our patented system with the highest security level.

Easy online

No effort with passcodes or tokens. A username, password and mobile phone, you do not need anything else to browse the internet safely.

All in 1 ID

Authorities, companies: you will be able to use Digidentity on more and more websites.

Safe access to your online service

You like to do business with customers and suppliers online. Because it is fast, cost effective and user-friendly. But is it safe and reliable enough? Do you not risk incurring penalties for violating privacy rules? And which reliability levels are required? Digidentity helps you to make these choices.

We will help you with eHerkenning and Idensys

As broker, we connect you to the eHerkenning system and Idensys. This way you can easily and very reliably do business online with customers and other companies. And you have access to all authentication services of the 3 systems. For eHerkenning you have, in addition to the authentication services, also access to all authorisation registers and signing services within this system.

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We will help you with eIDAS

The EU member states have agreed that, as from September 2018, European citizens and businesses must be able to log in to all Dutch public sector organisations using their own national login scheme. Thus, the European Union aims to regulate rendering electronic transactions within Europe easier and safer.

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Who is Digidentity?

Your profile often changes on the internet. For example to send messages or to network. But how safe is that? Before you know it, you are leaving a trail of your personal details behind that fraudsters will use for their own purposes.

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A team with a mission

Digidentity offers internet users their own online identity. This is not only our work, it is our mission.

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Will you strengthen our team?

Do you also value privacy on the internet? Do you like working on high tech solutions for millions of internet users? Then Digidentity is just the place for you.

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