Identity Wallet

Using Digidentity Identity Wallet, you can manage your electronic identity and authorisations in one location. Your electronic identity is always available on your mobile phone. Login and/or sign documents anywhere and anytime.


Identity Wallet

Many products, one Identity Wallet

Fast, secure and easy to use. Access all your electronic identity services in one wallet. 

  • Your data is safe at Digidentity

    Digidentity has implemented extensive security measures to protect your personal data.

  • Innovative solutions, available globally

    Identity Wallet offers one location to manage your digital identities, authorisations and digital signatures. Our Identity Wallet uses the innovative Virtual Smart Card solution invented by Digidentity. We offer HSM security for your identity. Manage anywhere and anytime; on your mobile phone in the palm of your hand.

  • Smooth and secure process

    Our registration process is fully remote and takes a matter of minutes to complete.



Digidentity offers advanced (AdES) and qualified (QES) electronic signatures. Recognised professionals such as accountants can sign with a qualified electronic signature which includes their professional title in the certificate. With a qualified electronic seal (QES), you can sign on behalf of your organisation.



eSGN Qualified

Five digital signatures or a subscription for an unlimited number of signatures. A Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) according to the eIDAS levels. Identity Document with NFC chip required.


Five signatures excl. VAT

eSGN Qualified
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Apply for an eHerkenning means and authorisation to login at Dutch government and insurance companies.



eHerkenning level 3 is our most used product and the required level for UWV and the Belastingdienst, among others. Simply create an account and log in through the Digidentity app.


Per year excl. VAT

eHerkenning 3 - 3 years
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Identification, anytime and anywhere

Easy, fast and secure

Identity Wallet, you own your data. Manage your digital identity and authorisations in a single Identity Wallet

Fast and secure Remote Identification

Digidentity identifies you remotely. Create your digital identity in the Digidentity Identity Wallet. Anywhere and anytime.Fast and secure. Our identification process has been assessed by external supervisory bodies and complies to the international requirements for Remote Identification.

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