Digidentity delivers British 'Virtual ID'


After 2 years of intensive collaboration with the British government, Digidentity is now available to provide a digital identity for British citizens. This will enable the British public to interact with the government online in a secure and simple way, while ensuring and maintaining the privacy of the user. Digidentity provides the Dutch government's virtual ID 'DigiD' and is a member and contributor to various international identity schemes.

Digidentity offers solutions and services to more than 11 million Europeans, with more than 130 million secure online transactions per year between people, organisations and governments. To do this, the company developed services focused on a unique digital identity, where the user and their privacy are key. Digidentity is also a supplier of SSL certificates and qualified digital signatures. Next to that, Digidentity developed in a consortium the Dutch national online ID called DigiD. Digidentity now works for the Dutch and British government.

More information about GOV.UK Verify