First accession makes starting Idensys-pilots possible


On December 29th 2015, Digidentity was officially acceded as the broker and identity provider of the Dutch Idensys Identity framework. We are thereby the first recognized identity provider of Idensys and it is hereby possible to begin with the Idensys pilots.


The first pilots begin in January 2016. During this pilot-phase, a maximum of 30,000 citizens and consumers will be logging into twenty government websites and businesses with private identities. These identities will be issued bs businesses who are recognized providers of Idensys. The pilots will provide empirical insight into how Idensys works in practice and how it is experienced by users. The results of the evaluation will be known by mid 2016. Thereafter, it will be known if and how Idensys can be used by more organisations.

Why is Idensys necessary

It is handy for people to be able to manage their affairs via the internet; however, it is also important that they can do this securely. The ability to login in secure is crucial, as it concerns personal details. The use of login sources that provide more assurance regarding someone's identity makes cybercrime and identity fraud more difficult. Idensys provides this assurance with agreements between governments and businesses. This way, citizens, consumers and businesses will have the ability to login securely using one login source.

About Digidentity

Digidentity offers solutions and services to more than 13 million Europeans, with more than 130 million secure online transactions per year between people, organisations and governments. To do this, Digidentity developed services focused on a unique digital identity, where the user and its privacy are key. Digidentity is also a supplier of GOV.UK Verify, SSL certificates and qualified digital signatures, and works for both Dutch and British government.

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