Goodbye DigiD, hello Idensys - 10 questions about our new online identification


It's March. The days are getting longer and spring has arrived, which means tax return! Masses of us are taking the time to visit the tax office online, and perhaps asking 'how do we log in for DigiD again?'. This question will soon become something of the past, since DigiD is being replaced. Idensys is the new method of online identification, but what is it? What can you do? How easy to use is it? Is it safe? Here are 10 questions and answers.
  1. What is Idensys?

Idensys is the new DigiD, which can be used for online identification. Idensys can be compared to an electronic passport, which is used to identify yourself. Just the same as with DigiD you are able to access the online services of the Government to organise and complete your business, such as a tax return.

  1. Why is DigiD being replaced?

DigiD isn't being removed totally, but it will sit under the umbrella of Idensys. Idensys is therefore a much broader service. With your DigiD you can only organise and complete your business with the Government, but with Idensys you can also access the services of private companies. Idensys should be viewed as the new and extra secure standard for online identification. eHerkenning - the service currently used by private companies to log into Government services - will also be sitting under the Idensys umbrella, just like logins from banks and webshops for instance. It won't be needed to keep all of your usernames and passwords anymore, just log in once and access any services you need.

  1. What is the advantage of having 1 standard login system?

As a society we are doing more and more online, especially in using Government services. The Government has committed to making as many services as possible available online in 2017.

Along with accessing Government services we make regular visits to webshops, insurance companies and banks online. Why should we use different login details each time? Internet users would rather not according to research carried out by Digidentity in February. 60% of users between the ages of 25-30 years preferred the method of logging in with 1 account for accessing Government services and companies.

  1. What else does Idensys resolve for users?

Out of our research it shows that logging in securely is a priority for Internet users. Around 85% of users found the protection of their personal details extremely important. In second place around 76% hoped that logging in wouldn't take too much of their time. In third place it was important to users to have a 'user friendly' system. Additionally, in signing up for Idensys the process needed to be 'smooth' in the eyes of 65% of those giving their opinion. All of these requests are met when using Idensys.

  1. How secure is Idensys?

Very secure. DigiD is also a safe system, but Idensys provides a higher level of assurance about the individual, and therefore an insurance company, or Government department knows that they are doing business with you for sure, and not someone pretending to be you.

  1. Can anyone view my personal details?

No, it's not possible. The system satisfies the strictest of security requirements, and additionally any affiliates who incorporate Idensys into their services cannot follow the actions of their users. Take any identity provider, such as us at Digidentity, we provide the Idensys account, we can see where you login, but we cannot see what you are doing - this information is hidden. Additionally, any organisation that you log into can only see the details that you accept to share with them, and they never know which other websites you have visited.

  1. Do you need to pay for Idensys?

A good question. After security and privacy the most important question is the cost, and whether or not to choose for a specific logging in method. DigiD is free, the Government subsidises this service, but Idensys does cost users around €15 per year for the Level 3 assurance account, which is the most regularly used. The expectation is that the costs to users will decrease in the future, because organisations incorporating Idensys into their services will increase with time, e.g. banks and insurers, therefore the income generated will increase too.

  1. Ease-of-use came in 3rd place in your research, is there a reason why?

Using the system is easier than using DigiD. Logging in uses an app via your smartphone, no more hassle from a card reader or USB reader, it takes just a couple of easy steps.

  1. Is applying for Idensys also easy?

The application for Idensys is via the online system from start to finish. Having an identity check in person isn't required. We have developed an app for this purpose, where we can compare your photograph with your identity document. You need to make some 'selfies' for this!

  1. Is Idensys already available?

In February the Idensys pilots were started. If these pilots are successful then the system will be rolled out on a huge scale. As an early adopter you can already apply for an Idensys account, and any companies using eHerkenning will be automatically connected to Idensys.