Digidentity discontinues support for old versions of its mobile application


As part of our ongoing efforts to protect the digital lives of our users, we are constantly upgrading our service and security standards. For this reason, Digidentity will no longer support old versions of our mobile application, starting February 1, 2022.

The latest version of our mobile application (version 6) was introduced 9 months ago and has seen an adaptation by the majority of our active userbase. With our focus on maintaining optimum use of our services with the latest generation software installed, we ensure the best in class digital identity solutions and user experience.

How will this change affect you?

We advise all our users to install the latest version of the Digidentity app (V6) as soon as possible and no later than February 1, 2022. Digidentity uses market standards for optimal leverage and app performance with current mobile devices.

Stay updated

Keeping your software up to date is important for your digital security. Devices that no longer receive security updates or that run older versions of applications are not properly protected. Digidentity recommends using the automatic app upgrade functionality in the app store and only using the latest version of our mobile application.

Devices supported by the app (minimum requirements)

  • iPhones using iOS13
  • Mobile phones using Android version 8

The latest version of our app may not be compatible with older mobile devices. If your mobile device is not compatible, we recommend upgrading it to a newer model.