SERMI Information for Independent Operators (IOs)


What is SERMI?

SERMI is a digital certificate required by Independent Operators (IOs) and Remote Service Suppliers (RSSs) and their employees for security-related repair and maintenance information (RMI), such as keys, ignition, door locks, and the ECU. SERMI consolidates and replaces brand-specific certificates, streamlining access to security-related RMI.

Why is SERMI being introduced?

Currently, obtaining separate certificates for each vehicle manufacturer/importer is time-consuming and costly due to unique requirements. In response, the European Union has urged manufacturers and independent automotive companies to adopt a single certificate to simplify the process.

When will SERMI be in effect?

SERMI will be implemented through a phased rollout. For implementation dates per country, please visit the official SERMI website ( On the implementation date, you and your employees must possess a SERMI certificate to work with security-related RMI.

Who is Digidentity?

Digidentity is the official Trust Center (TC) for SERMI. We are responsible for issuing SERMI certificates to Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) which they can distribute to IO and RSS employees. We also provide and maintain the Digidentity Wallet app (iOS/Android) which stores the SERMI certificate.

How does it work?

How do I obtain a SERMI certificate?

You can apply for your SERMI certificate through a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). A CAB is a certification body that inspects Independent Operators (IOs), Remote Service Suppliers (RSSs) and their respective employees to determine if they meet the necessary requirements for a SERMI certificate.

If you are approved, the CAB will share a digital invitation link with you. This invitation can be accessed on your smart phone, where you will be guided through the process of obtaining the SERMI certificate. For more information, please see our user manual.

How do I use the SERMI certificate?

The SERMI certificate will be on your smart phone in the Digidentity Wallet app and can be accessed with a secure PIN. To access a vehicle manufacturer’s RMI portal, simply scan a QR code on their website with the Digidentity app and fill in your PIN.


If you need support, please contact your Conformity Assessment Body (CAB). You can also consult our user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SERMI?

SERMI is the scheme for accreditation, approval and authorisation to Access Security-related Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI). This scheme ensures secure access to vehicle manufacturers’ data for independent operators, remote service suppliers, and their respective employees.

Who can use the SERMI scheme to gain access to security related RMI?

SERMI is for independent operators, remote service suppliers and their respective employees.

How can Independent Operators login to SERMI?

IO’s wishing to receive security-related RMI shall obtain an approval inspection certificate from a CAB accredited by the NAB of the Member State where the IO is established. IO employees who are to handle security-related RMI shall obtain an authorisations inspection certificate from a CAB of the Member State where the IO employee resides. To see which CAB’s have been accredited by the NAB of a Member State go to

How can you login or get access to SERMI through a Remote Service Supplier?

Both Remote Service Suppliers and Independent Operators will need to get approval via their national Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), their employees will also need authorisation from a CAB. After notification, the Trust Centre (Digidentity) will issue certificates and security tokens which will be distributed by the CAB to the Remote Service Supplier and the Independent Operator.

What is ‘security related maintenance and repair information’ or security related RMI’?

As shown in regulation (EU) 2021/12: ​‘Security-related repair and maintenance information’ or ‘security-related RMI’ shall mean the information, software, functions and services required to repair and maintain the features that are included in a vehicle by the manufacturer to prevent the vehicle from being stolen or driven away and to enable the vehicle to be tracked and recovered.

What is the role of the SERMI ‘Trust Centre’ or ‘TC’?

As the body designated by SERMI and approved by the European Commission, Digidentity is responsible for: (A) managing the digital certificates and authorisation status of the IO employees and for providing to the CAB the necessary security tokens and digital certificates for authorised IO employees; (B) providing a vehicle manufacturer with information regarding the authorisation status of an IO employee.