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Company administrator

Within eHerkenning, a company administrator is someone responsible for managing eHerkenning within their organisation. This person can be appointed by the authorised representative or other company administrators. Appointment of company administrators is completely free of charge with Digidentity.

Company administrators play a central role in managing eHerkennin gwithin their organisation. Digidentity always recommends (larger) organisations to appoint multiple company administrators. This ensures continuity even in cases of illness or leave.

The company administrator can perform various tasks, including:

User management

The company administrator can add new users, adjust user data for existing users, and remove users who no longer require access. Company administrators can also appoint other company administrators.

Granting permissions

The company administrator can grant permissions and authorisations where needed, allowing employees to access specific services. They determine the authorisations for the services the organisation applied to. A company administrator also has the authorisation to revoke permissions.

Security and compliance

The company administrator ensures that the organisation complies with the requirements and standards of the eHerkenning framework, and that the use of eHerkenning accounts aligns with the organisation’s policies.

To apply for company administrator status, you need eHerkenning level 3 complete or eHerkenning level 3 Insurance. Log in to, click on 'companies,' and select the company for which you want to become a company administrator. Click on 'Request to become a company administrator' to submit the request. Depending on the company structure, one or more company administrator statements will be generated, which must be provided by the authorised signatories (authorised representatives) within the organisation. Upon approval, you will gain access to the Self Service Portal and can get started.

If you want to become a company administrator for multiple companies, add them to your account first. Here's how: How do I add an authorisation to my account? Then, go through the above steps for each company.

Self-Service Portal

To simplify managing all eHerkenning accounts within your organisation, Digidentity offers a free Self-Service Portal (SSP). Within this portal, you can easily manage all eherkenning accounts of your employees. The Self-Service Portal is scalable and grows with your organisation.

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