Want to use eHerkenning? Choose Digidentity as your eHerkenning broker

And offer a safe and user-friendly login method for your customers


Digidentity, the eHerkenning expert by your side

We verify the identity of your customers for you so that you can do business securely.

With eHerkenning, you can securely conduct business online. One account allows your customers to log in to over 500 different organisations, such as the Tax authorisations (de Belastindienst) and insurers. This makes it possible to exchange sensitive information in a safe and reliable manner.

Your organisation can also make itself safely accessible online to customers or users using eHerkenning. You can do this with an eHerkenning broker. Digidentity has been designated by the Dutch government as an approved eHerkenning provider.

Our solution can be fully integrated into your own online environment. This way, you can offer a safe and trusted login method to your customers without compromising your brand recognition and identity.

Our experienced consultants are happy to help you with the implementation of eHerkenning. With the Digidentity eHerkenning broker, you have access to our Self Service Portal. In this portal, you can manage all users yourself in a clear overview.

eHerkenning Broker


If you want to connect your organization to the eHerkenning platform, choose Digidentity as your broker to unlock your services in eHerkenning.

Benefit for your customers


Always accessible: eHerkenning is always accessible via desktop and/or smartphone with an internet connection. This way, your customers can log in anytime and anywhere.

User-friendly: With eHerkenning, your customers can log in to your organisation and other organisations without having to remember multiple login credentials.

Confidential: eHerkenning is a government-recognised system that securely connects people and organisations.

Benefit for your company


Identification: We verify the identity of your customers using our unique biometric identification method. This way, you can be guaranteed about the identity of your customers. Our registration process is the only one on the Dutch market that can be completed entirely online and remotely.

Self Service Portal: Digidentity's Self Service Portal provides an overview of all users and is easy to use. Our portal is scalable and grows with your organisation, even with many users.

Recognized supplier: Digidentity is a government-recognised eHerkenning supplier. This means that we meet all required security requirements and standards to ensure that people and organisations can interact with each other safely.

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