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Get the highest level of trust with eSignatures that are legally equal to a handwritten signature.

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About SBR Certificates

Create a secure digital connection to share and send sensitive documents with peace of mind.

Digidentity’s SBR certificate creates and ensures the highest level of security between financial and accounting programs and Digipoort of the Dutch government, so that confidential data can be exchanged efficiently and securely.

How it works

A PKIoverheid SBR certificate is needed to send confidential and business data via your accounting software or tax package within the government's Digipoort, such as the tax authority.

With a PKIoverheid SBR certificate, you can access the government's digital portal through Standard Business Reporting (SBR). At Digidentity, you can quickly, easily, and fully digitally request this certificate wherever and whenever you want. Our PKIoverheid server certificate falls under the PKIoverheid Private G1 Root. The certificate can be requested fully online and is ready within a few minutes, so you can immediately continue sharing your business data.


We are a trusted provider of GOV.UK and have verified more than 25 million identities on our platform. Companies of all sized trust Digidentity’s Right to Work checks for candidate verification, increasing their hiring efficiency and making recruitment safer.


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