European Identity and Cloud Conference 2024

Join us at the European Identity and Cloud Conference 2024 in Berlin! You can find Digidentity at stand 36 from June 4-7 in the Berlin Congress Center.

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The Pioneers Of Digital Identity

Always innovating in an industry that’s constantly moving.

Digidentity is the pioneer that created a digital identity platform that functions on a global scale. Our technology is used to strengthen workflows, simplify processes and increase efficiency. While digitalisation happens at full speed, the need for advanced solutions grew. As a result, our digital ecosystem helped governments by building easy to use and secure infrastructures and has verified millions of digital identities. Combined with our remote onboarding and user-friendly technology we allow companies to take full advantage of digitalisation.

Join us on the river cruise

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of EIC 2024 and the Cruise & Connect river cruise on the Spree river. Join Digidentity for an evening of networking and insightful conversations.

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Digital Identity Made Easy. The digital identity platform and Digidentity's technology verified over 25 million high assured identities, and counting. Reusable digital identity for identity proofing, authentication, and electronic signatures.

Keynote: Introducing the Hybrid Wallet

Identity verification is rapidly evolving, blending federated systems and decentralised models to meet diverse needs. This integration presents challenges, including balancing ease of use with stringent security. How can we address the complexities of identity security in hybrid environments? This talk will introduce the Hybrid Wallet by Digidentity, exploring how this model enhances user control, privacy, and security.

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Remote identification

Easy, secure remote identification with passport chip reading and biometric liveness detection in one go.

Trusted by governments

Digidentity is a Qualified Trust Service Provider. Get the highest level of security for digital identity and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES). Digidentity is on the UK’s list of trust providers (DIATF – IdSP), European Trusted List (EUTL) and the Adobe Approved Trust list (AATL).

25+ million users

Join 25+ million users and 75 000+ corporate customers who are verified with our technology and trust Digidentity for their digital identity needs.

Digidentity for developers

Build your digital identity solution with customisable components and API. Our coding environment offers the tools to protect your organisation with a tailored digital identity solution.

Your Partner In Trust

Ensuring your business is digitally secure. Quick, seamless, accurate. Easy to integrate into your existing workflows. Get the highest assurance levels that people are who they say. Choose from a range of scalable and configurable identity services, tailored to support and secure your business.


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