Secure, Instant And Efficient Identity Verification for Healthcare

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Digital Identity made for healthcare professionals

A persistent digital identity empowers healthcare practitioners to control and manage their own data, including their qualifications, medical training and employment history.

This makes moving hospitals or jobs a seamless process and helps health professionals prove their identities and their Right to Work while reducing administrative overhead costs.


How Digidentity can help the healthcare industry


There is a risk of fraudulent activities, including identity theft and falsification of qualifications, which can put patients' and doctors’ safety at risk. Digidentity uses advanced encryption technology and multi-factor authentication to protect doctors' personal information and credentials from unauthorised access or tampering.


Verifiable credentials, or Identity Proofs, provide a transparent and auditable way for doctors to prove their qualifications and other credentials to hospitals. Doctors can now easily prove their Right to Work status and identity without the usual non-standardised, time-consuming paper-based process.


Digidentity automates the identity verification process, saving time and resources, improving accuracy and reducing errors. Digidentity is designed to be scalable, making it suitable for Healthcare institutions’ existing systems. Digidentity’s process is scalable and fully automated for convenience and security.


The Digidentity Wallet and verifiable credentials are designed to be interoperable, which means they can be easily integrated into different hospital information systems. The lack of interoperability between different hospital information systems can make it difficult for doctors to access and share their information.


By storing their digital identity and credentials in the Digidentity Wallet, doctors can reduce the administrative burden of having to provide physical copies of their identity and qualification documents to each hospital. The administrative process is cut short, accelerating the doctor’s new placement and start-date, saving time, money and effort.


Digidentity’s solution offers a robust identity verification process that meets the highest standards of compliance. Digidentity’s solution can also be accessed online or via the app, allowing citizens to complete the verification process from anywhere which makes for a compliant and convenient customer experience. Digital identity verification protects the doctor and hospital from the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access to confidential information.

eSignatures can serve doctors with everyday tasks

By providing a secure and reliable way to sign and authenticate documents, digital signing can help to streamline healthcare workflows, reduce administrative burden and enhance patient safety and satisfaction.

Electronic Prescriptions

Doctors can use Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES) to electronically sign prescriptions which reduces the risk of errors or fraud associated with hand-written prescriptions.


Medical Records

Doctors can use eSignatures to sign and authenticate medical records, including patient charts, lab reports, and imaging studies. This ensures the integrity and confidentiality of patient information and helps to prevent data breaches and unauthorised access.


Consent Forms

Surgical consent forms or consent for medical procedures ensure that patients have given informed consent for their treatment and that their rights and privacy are protected – doctors can use eSignatures to authenticate and sign these forms.


Referral Letters

Doctors can use eSignatures to sign and securely authenticate referral letters containing sensitive information for patients who need to see specialists or receive further treatment.


Medical Certificates

Doctors can use eSignatures to sign and validate medical certificates, such as sick notes or fitness-for-work certificates. This ensures that employees receive appropriate sick leave and that their employers receive accurate information.


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