Want to register for eHerkenning? Here is how.


Do you need to log in to a Dutch government's website, such as the tax authority (de Belastingdienst), the UWV or another governmental institution? As is is often mandatory to log in to Dutch government services with eHerkenning, chances are you will need this product to register as quickly and as easily as possible. Continue reading to find out how you can do that with Digidentity.

What is eHerkenning?

An increasing number of companies and organisations offer their services online. To guarantee that everyone can do business in a reliable and safe way, eHerkenning has been created. For eHerkenning, you need verify your identity as well as your Chamber of Commerce (Kvk) registration online. Every company that works with eHerkenning must identify itself. This way you know for sure that your information is being sent and received in a secure and legitimate way. With eHerkenning you can log in to various government organisations, within the Netherlands and Europe.

What do you need to register for eHerkenning?

Before you start the registration process, there are a few things to keep in mind. Determine where you need to log in with eHerkenning and find out what level of assurance is required to login. Many government institutions, such as the tax authorities (de Belastingdienst) and the UWV, require assurance level 3. If you only need it for the business portal of the tax authorities (de Belastingdienst), then there is eHerkenning 3 tax which you use only to log into the business portal.

How do I register for eHerkenning? Start the process

Digidentity's registration process is online, quick and easy. You start the application simply by choosing the right product on this page and clicking on 'Register now'. Make sure you have your identity document, smartphone and Chamber of Commerce (Kvk) number to hand. Our system takes you through the registration process, step by step.


The registration process starts with the creation of your Digidentity account. In this step you download our Digidentity app on your smartphone. We verify your identity with our biometric identification method. This means that with the app we are going to read the NFC chip in your identity document. To confirm your identity, you take two selfies, which we compare with the photo on your identity document.


After confirming your identity, we verify the details of the company for which you are registering eHerkenning. To do this, we ask you to enter the Chamber of Commerce (Kvk) number in this step. Based on your registration with the Chamber of Commerce (Kvk), we check the company's details.


In the final steps of the registration process, we verify that you are authorised to act on behalf of this company. If you are an authorised representative in the Chamber of Commerce (Kvk), the authorization will be automatically approved. If this is not the case, you must ask the authorised representative in your company for approval.

When you do this, the authorised representative will receive a notification by e-mail to make the registration process as fast as possible. You also will be informed by e-mail as soon as the approval has been processed.

Ready to use

When the authorization is approved, your eHerkenning account is ready to use. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail. From now on you can log in quickly and securely with eHerkenning.

If you need eHerkenning for multiple companies, you must request a new authorisation for each company. For this, you do not need to re-identify yourself. Based on your verified identity within eHerkenning, you can request permissions for other companies.

Why choose Digidentity?

Digidentity is an authorised provider of eHerkenning designated by the government. This means that we meet the assurance requirements that are necessary to make eHerkenning the trusted system that it is today. In addition, our unique identification method ensures that you are registered within minutes without leaving your desk. Add to that the fact that we do not charge any hidden costs and offer excellent service, and we become an easy choice, almost as easy as your registration.

Want to register for eHerkenning at Digidentity? Click here. If you have any questions about chain permissions or the eHerkenning broker, please contact the expert below.

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