Pilot for European Digital Identity wallet approved by the European Commission.


On 14 December 2022, the EUDI Wallet Consortium (EWC) has been selected by the European Commission to participate in EU Digital Identity WalletLarge Scale Pilots. With Digidentity’s wide experience in Digital Identity we are proud to be a partner in these pilots.

The EWC is led by Swedish and Finnish government authorities and will be supported by industry experts. Digidentity is one of those industry experts, due to our experience as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) with Digital Identity, wallet applications and integration. The pilot focuses on the development of three use cases: Travel, Payments and Organisational Digital Identity.

A pilot of this large proportion is needed to ensure a safe usability and integration when providing all European citizens with a trusted digital identity that needs to be recognised in all EU Member States. The EU Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallet is part of the upcoming eIDAS2-regulation. Apart from the identity, data like a mobile driver's licence, academic credentials, and more, will be able to be stored in the EUDI Wallet and shared under the user's complete control.Digidentity is committed to contribute to achieve the highest safety standards for this pilot.

Since the Wallet will be used for both government and private sector, the wallet must work within an ecosystem of organisations. Ultimately the wallet will be used for secure digital transactions for things like identity, attribute sharing, authentication and signing. Something that is already possible with our Digidentity Wallet, and now we can use this experience within the pilot of the EWC.

Digidentity is proud to contribute to the EWC, the next chapter in the digitalisation of the EU. Learn more about the EU Digital Identity Wallet here.

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Pilot for European Digital Identity wallet approved by the European Commission.

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