Renewal of Authorizations


Authorisations are an essential part of eHerkenning. They record who can access which services while acting on behalf of your business or organisation. This creates certainty that only designated individuals can perform specific actions, such as filing taxes, requesting subsidies or parking permits. The validity of an authorisation varies between 1 - 5 years. After this period, an authorisation must be renewed.

To guarantee continuity of your business and workflow, it is important that authorisations are renewed in a timely manner. How the renewal process is performed depends on the specific role of the person inside the company or organisation. A designated company administrator can instantly renew authorisation for any company personnel. However, what happens when the company administrator’s own authorisations expire?

A company administrator cannot renew their own authorisation(s). As a result, the renewal process usually involves re-requesting the relevant authorisations from the authorised signatories of the company. However, there is a more efficient option – namely appointing a second company administrator.

Authorisations for company administrators are effortlessly renewed if there are multiple company administrators within a single company. In this scenario, the company administrator whose authorisation has expired takes on the role of an employee. The subsequent renewal request is then approved by another company administrator.

Digidentity always recommends appointing at least two company administrators within a company or organisation. This guarantees that all authorisations can be granted and renewed in an efficient and timely manner. The company administrator role can be requested free of charge via the Digidentity website or in the Digidentity Self-Service Portal.

For instructions on renewing authorisations, please read our FAQ article (Dutch / English)

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