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About eHerkenning

With eHerkenning, you can safely interact online with over 550 government and private organisations. To gain access to specific online services, you need an eHerkenning account on the appropriate level of assurance. This proves you are authorised to log in and use the service. The organisation that provides the services determines which level of assurance users need.

Your authorisation for eHerkenning always needs to be approved by the authorised representative of the organisation.

You will encounter this step naturally during your registration. It is not necessary for the authorised representative to also be the user of the eHerkenning account you want to register for.

eHerkenning is sctricly personal to ensure the reliability of the exchange of services and information between businesses. Therefore, you cannot share your eHerkenning account with other individuals.

Register for eHerkenning

Before starting your registration, make sure you have all necessary items at hand, such as your identity document, your smartphone, and the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number of the company for which you are requesting eHerkenning. Applying for eHerkenning needs to be done with your personal email address and the smartphone of the person that needs eHerkenning.

Once you have gathered everything you need, you can start your registration by choosing the required level of assurance. The registration for eHerkenning needs to be done by the individual who needs it.

If you are not registered with the Chamber of Commerce, find out how to apply for eHerkenning without a Chamber of Commerce registration here.

If you are not the authorised representative, be aware of the fact your application might take longer. The authorised representative must approve your application using authorisation letters generated during your registration.

During your registration, Digidentity verifies your identity and authorisation. This is done by reading the NFC chip in your identity document and taking a selfie. When your registration is complete, your eHerkenning account will be ready for use.

Using eHerkenning on behalf of multiple companies? When you already have eHerkenning and need to log in on behalf of multiple companies, you can easily request eHereknning for those companies directly through your account. Start a new purchase via the services tab in your account. Many details will be filled in automatically, speeding up the application.


Frequently asked questions

I don't have a Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number

Even without a Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number, you can get access to the Dutch Tax Administration. Read more about eHerkenning without KVK.

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