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Employers need Right to Work checks to determine whether job applicants are eligible to work in the UK. Proof of right to work is a legal requirement for UK employers, who must verify that the individuals they hire have the proper authorisation to work there. At Digidentity we prevent risk and ensure compliance with our Right to Work check service.

Digidentity is a digital identity platform, combining smooth usability and government-grade security. Our registration process is completed fully online within minutes. We are a trusted supplier of GOV.UK, and verified more than 25 million identities on our platform. Now we can assist companies of all sizes with their employee verification; increasing their hiring efficiency and making recruitment safer.

Prepare for the right to work legislation now, read all about how you can simplify employee verification for your business in three easy steps in our cheat sheet. Do you want more guidance or information about Digidentity’s Right to Work services for companies, please contact us. Our identity verification service is suitable for companies of all sizes.

If you are an employee looking to prove your right to work, please contact your hiring company.

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