Seamless access to Kadaster with eHerkenning

A streamlined and secure way to access essential Kadaster services


Why eHerkenning for Kadaster?

Access with enhanced security

For a number of services in Mijn Kadaster and all primary administrators, logging in with eHerkenning will become mandatory. Mijn Kadaster requires eHerkenning level 3, ensuring a heightened level of trust and security. Here is an overview of which services require eHerkenning.

Compliance with the law

The obligation to log in with eHerkenning is enshrined in the Wet digitale overheid (Wdo) or the Digital Government Act. Compliance is not just a choice; it's a legal requirement designed to enhance the digital security landscape.

Future proof

More services of Mijn Kadaster and many other organisations will require eHerkenning to ensure seamless access and authentication for their digital services. You do not have to wait – you can already embrace the advantages of eHerkenning and log in seamlessly to Mijn Kadaster.


eHerkenning Level 3

The most used level of assurance for eHerkenning.

Required for UWV, DNB and the Tax authorities (de Belastingdienst), among others.


Per year excl. VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Kadaster use eHerkenning?

With eHerkenning, you can log in more securely. eHerkenning is personal and cannot be transferred or shared with others.

What level of assurance do I need for Kadaster?

Kadaster works with eHerkenning assurance level 3.

Why are there costs associated with eHerkenning?

The Dutch government choose to have users of the system bear the costs of eHerkenning. More information can be found on the website

How does the first-time login with eHerkenning work?

The first-time login is explained in the short instructional video on this page. After a one-time link between your eHerkenning account and your Kadaster account, you can subsequently log in with eHerkenning.

More about eHerkenning Kadaster

How to connect your Kadaster account to your eHerkenning account? Or do you want to know which services of Mijn Kadaster require eHerkenning? You can find your answer on the website of Kadaster or ask our team of experts.

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