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Digital Identity made for the Financial Services industry

A new generation of banking is here, and financial institutions must meet the demands of security and seamless integration.

Digidentity’s identity solutions offer flexible incorporation into existing systems to improve processes, cut costs, reduce errors and create positive, convenience customer service for FSI clients.

Sign contracts, letters and agreements with an electronic signature from a verified identity, which ensures security and is legally binding.


KYC and AML made easy:

Consent management

An identity wallet can enable individuals to manage their consent for sharing their personal information with third parties. This helps ensure that individuals have control over their data and can choose who has access to it.


KYC checks are essential for compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, which require financial institutions to verify the identity of their customers and assess the risk of potential money laundering or terrorist financing activities. Our robust verification process meets the highest regulation requirements like KYC and AML.

Strong identity verification

Digidentity offers strong identity verification services that comply with eIDAS regulations and other industry standards. This helps ensure that individuals' identities are verified to a high standard and reduces the risk of fraud or other illegal activities.

Improved customer experience

By offering a secure and convenient way for individuals to verify and prove their identity and manage their personal information, the Digidentity Wallet can improve the overall customer experience, which will lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Accessible online or via mobile app, our verification process can be completed anywhere, which is a simple, smooth process that creates convenience.

Secure identity storage

An identity wallet offers a secure and encrypted storage solution for personal identity documents and other sensitive information. This helps ensure that personal data is protected from unauthorised access, while also allowing individuals to easily share their information with trusted parties when required.

Seamless integration

Digidentity's technology and the Digidentity wallet can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes, making it easy for regulated industries to incorporate identity verification and KYC into their workflows. This helps reduce the time and cost associated with compliance and improves the overall efficiency of the organisation. Our solution is designed for scale and can handle high volumes of verification requests which means Digidentity is suitable for financial institutions of all the sizes and stages of establishment.

Let Digidentity assist you with digital identity solutions

Account Opening

Identities of new customers can be verified in just a few minutes, preventing possible fraud while complying with regulations. This smooth, easy process makes acquiring customers easy and keeping them happy even easier.

Credit Checks

Assess creditworthiness in an instant by verifying the identity of the customer applying for a loan or a credit card.


Ensure all transactions made – like wire transfers, online payments and purchases – are authorized by the customer by easy identity verification.

Mortgage Applications

Use our AML and KYC checks to verify the identity of your customers and to meet regulatory requirements.

Compliance Documentation

Sign compliance documentation, such as regulatory filings, audit reports, and compliance certificates with Digidentity’s digital signature to ensure that institutions are compliant with all applicable regulations and avoid penalties and fines.

Investment Management

Our digital signatures can be used to sign various legal agreements, such as investment and subscription documents which allows institutes to manage their investment portfolios more efficiently and reduce the risk of errors and fraud.

Contract Management

Vendor agreements, partnership agreements, and other legal agreements can be signed digitally, which helps financial institutions manage their contracts more efficiently and reduce the risk of errors and disputes.

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