Warning: fraudulent eHerkenning emails in circulation


It is important to be vigilant about digital fraud, especially in a time when fraudulent practices are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Currently, fraudulent emails are circulating that misuse the trust bound to eHerkenning.

The email describes that you need to upgrade your eHerkenning product to a higher level of assurance, eHerkenning level 4. These emails are an attempt at phishing. Do not comply with the request, do not click on the links, and delete the email immediately.

What is phishing? Phishing is a form of digital deception where fraudsters attempt to obtain valuable personal information through false information, such as emails, SMS messages, or WhatsApp messages. These messages often appear to come from familiar and trusted organisations, such as government agencies and banks, to gain the recipient's trust.

How do you recognise phishing emails? Check the sender's address, paying particular attention to what comes after the @ sign. Digidentity only sends messages from noreply@digidentity.eu or helpdesk@digidentity.com. Emails from other senders can be deleted immediately.

Legitimate organisations will often use your name in the greeting of official emails. Be wary if you see generic terms like "Dear Sir/Madam" or "Dear Customer".

False messages often contain requests to verify, update, or supplement your personal or login information. Never click on the accompanying link or suspicious attachments.

Be skeptical of emails that pressure you with warnings of imminent actions or urgent messages.

If you are unsure whether Digidentity is requesting certain information from you, feel free to contact our customer service or check the eHerkenning website for messages regarding eHerkenning. Stay vigilant and remain in control of your data.

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