Easily sign documents with eSeal Qualified

Digidentity's Qualified eSeal offers a secure solution to ensure the authenticity and origin of documents.

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Verify the authenticity and origin of documents instantly

Digidentity’s Qualified eSeal is a company stamp that ensures organisations can safely sign and secure their confidential documents. An eSeal ensures the receiver will be able to identify the source of the document and know the contents of the document is not tampered with.


About timestamping

Secure intellectual property and verify your document’s integrity.

Timestamping documents with a qualified time stamp provides an official and unchangeable world time, ensuring the document's authenticity and proving that it existed at a specific moment without alteration. This makes timestamping an effective way to verify the integrity of the document.

eSeal Qualified*

Easily ensure the authenticity and origin of digital signed documents with eSeal Qualified


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The Digidentity App

A safe way for your users to control the identity information they share.

With 25 million identities already on our platform, there’s a growing community of people that trust Digidentity to give them control over their identity data.

Digidentity gives your users an easy, secure way to prove their identity.


Our eSeal solutions protect against fraud.

Guarantees the origin of the document and sender.

An eSeal strengthens the trust of recipients.

Allows for a digital workflow that is eIDAS compliant.

Start signing now with our digital eSignatures

If our eSeal solutions is way more than you need, our Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) may be for you. You can remotely sign documents with the highest level of trust.

We are a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) and our eSeal services complies with the eIDAS EU 910/2014 for electronic seals. Digidentity offers a uniquely remote identification process that allows for a smooth onboarding fo all our eSeal solutions.

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