Fully remote eHerkenning level 4.

The highest level of assurance easily obtained; no physical check needed

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Why eHerkenning level 4

eHerkenning enables you to securely manage your online business activities.

The level of assurance directly correlates with the sensitivity of the information you exchange online. Therefore, eHerkenning level 4 requires a PKI certificate (this certificate is included in our price), and the identity verification process is extra strict.

Certain municipal, provincial, and national authorities specifically demand eH4. This highest level is also essential for tasks like applying for patents or submitting a pardon request. With the highest assurance level, you have access to all online services connected to eHerkenning.

After registration, you will also receive a voucher for five free Qualified Electronic Signatures.


eHerkenning Level 4

The highest level of assurance available within eHerkenning.

An eHerkenning account at Digidentity includes a PKI-certificate and a voucher for five Qualified Electronic Signatures. A one-off fee (€90 euro) for identification costs will be charged.


Per year excl. VAT and €90 registration costs

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How does it work?

The most secure level of assurance available within eHerkenning. Digidentity is the only government approved supplier that offers a fully remote registration for eH4, eliminating the need for a face-to-face meeting. Our remote registration includes a picture of your identity document, reading of the chip in the document and you will be asked to take two selfies. The registration can be completed remotely, without visiting our office.

More information on how to register for eHerkenning can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the authorised representative?

You can read all about authorised representatives on this page

How long does it take before I can use my eHerkenning 4?

Normally, you can use your eHerkenning credential within 24 hours, however, this depends on the authorisation by the authorised representative(s).

Can I apply for eHerkenning 4 remotely without a PKI certificate?

No, a PKI certificate is required for eH4. At Digidentity, this certificate is included in the price.