More than one million eHerkenning users


More than one million users now have an eHerkenning account. With eHerkenning, businesses and organisations securely and reliably access sensitive information exchanges with (government) service providers. eHerkenning, a public-private partnership, plays a crucial role in the Digital Landscape of the Dutch government.

Secure and Reliable

eHerkenning originated 13 years ago with the goal of providing digital identities to businesses and organisations. An initiative of the Dutch government, it has continuously evolved in collaboration with the private sector. Representatives from service providers, users, and suppliers make decisions regarding the ongoing development of eHerkenning and the strict requirements it must meet.

Over the years, eHerkenning has become an increasingly secure and reliable authentication method, available in various levels of assurance. The higher the level, the more secure and reliable the access. This ensures that service providers have greater certainty about whom they are dealing with online when exchanging sensitive information, such as financial and personal data.

Successful Public-Private Partnership

eHerkenning is constantly evolving to meet users' needs. New functionalities are added, and existing features are optimised to ensure that the authentication method is accessible to everyone. In 2010, the first eHerkenning account was sold, and now eHerkenning has become a European-recognised authentication method. Every day, eHerkenning is used for over 75,000 logins, facilitating transactions with provinces, water authorities, and for the application of certain permits and subsidies. The milestone of one million eHerkenning users demonstrates the successful combination of efficiency and innovation through a public-private partnership.

Easy and fast registration for eHerkenning

eHerkenning from Digidentity is the easy way to safely interact with over 550 government and private organisations no matter where you are. Our registration process is completely remote and the fastest available so there is no need for you to pay extra to fast-track your application. Register now here.

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