Online checks for Disclosure and Barring Service

Take the necessary step to safeguard the people you serve during your hiring and recruitment practises.

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Hire Smart with Digidentity DBS Checks.

Organisations can use Digidentity's online Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks to gather information about the criminal history of potential employees and evaluate whether they are suitable for the company and the role. By conducting DBS checks, enterprises can demonstrate their dedication to protecting the vulnerable groups they serve and reduce the chances of incurring financial and legal risks.


How DBS works

Integrate DBS checks without the need to implement code. Simply register your company, set up your administrators, and make use of our secure Self Service Portal (SSP). The DBS checks are executed to the highest standards. When completed, you can easily monitor and download all the checks within the SSP.

For those who prefer to integrate DBS checks within their own systems, Digidentity offers an API integration as well.

The Digidentity App

A safe way for your employees to stay in control of the information they share.

Along with DBS checks your potential employees might need to prove their right to work. The Digidentity app is a secure way to verify their identity and conduct a Right to Work check. After onboarding they can reuse their digital identity for many other uses such as electronic signatures and authentication.


Increase hiring efficiency with one of the fastest DBS checks in the UK.

Safeguard and protect the vulnerable group your organisation work with.

Improve hiring practises and decision making by obtaining the right information.

Build trust between organisations and their employees, customers and partners.

Prevent risk and ensure compliance.

Simplify and improve your hiring process with Digidentity.

Besides Disclosure and Barring Service checks, our services also consist Right to Work checks and eSignatures to fast-track your hiring efficiency even further. All easily arrangeable without leaving your desk.


We are a trusted provider of GOV.UK and have verified more than 25 million identities on our identity platform. We are a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) and certified identity service provider (IDSP) under the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Framework (DIATF), offering DBS checks for organisations in the UK.

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