Secure password-free authentication

Protect your business by giving your users an easy way to authenticate themselves.

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About Authentication

An easy way to only allow access to those authenticated.

Sometimes, you need to verify who is accessing your services or data. Authenticating users protects your business by offering a secure way to connect and transact.


How Authentication Works

Digidentity’s authentication process is simple and secure. Using their Digidentity app, your customers scan a QR code to quickly prove their identity, and access is granted.

Give your customers a safe, free, and easy way to authenticate themselves.

Forget complicated, repetitive onboarding or authentication processes. With a reusable digital identity, your customers provide their identity information once for ongoing identity proofing, authentication, and electronic signing.


Quick and easy user experience.

More secure than passwords and other device-native authenticators.

Prevent fraud by protecting customers' identities.

Why is Digidentity’s Authentication a safe and secure option?

Digidentity is a registered Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) trusted by the European Union to store identity information. We use leading mobile technology to place secure, efficient authentication, electronic signatures and identity verification in the palm of your hand.

Identity Verification

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Digital Identity

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Identity Proofing

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Electronic Signatures

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Flexible integration into your processes.

Improve your processes with Digidentity authentication services.

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