Reusable Identity Proofing That Protects Your Users’ Privacy

Configurable Identity Proofing That Shares Only The Information You Need.

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About identity proofing

Configure identity solutions to provide only the identity information you really need.

The free Digidentity app is a secure way for your users to store their identity data and share only relevant credentials, nothing more.

With 25 million identities already on our platform, there’s a growing community of people that trust Digidentity to give them control over their identity data.

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The Digidentity App

A safe way for your users to control the identity information they share.

Zero knowledge identity authentication protects your users by enabling you to verify relevant credentials, such as a user’s age designation (e.g. 18+), without viewing additional information such as actual age or name.

Comply with data protection laws and restore your users control over their own data.

Digidentity gives your users an easy, secure way to prove their identities for:


Protect your business from fraud while fully complying with privacy regulations.

Keep your users happy with fast and easy identity proofing.

Empower your users to stay in control of their own data.

Why is Digidentity’s Digital Identity a safe and secure option?

Our enterprise-grade platform processes high volumes daily.

Digidentity is the only provider of fully remote onboarding.

Identity Verification

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Digital Identity

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Qualified Electronic Signatures

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Right to work

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