Over 25 Million Identities Verified, and Counting

The Easy Way To Be Sure People Are Who They Say They Are.

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About identity verification

The fast flexible way to verify your customers.

Choose the assurance level you need from our customisable solution and verify your new users’ identities without fuss. Comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

  • Integrates into your existing systems
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Add the extra protection of biometrics and liveness detection

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Give your employees and customers a free, safe and easy way to prove their identity.

Once they have their Digidentity, they can reuse it to prove their identity for any other uses such as electronic signatures, authentication and identity verification. No more complicated and repetitive onboarding processes.

How Identity Verification Works

Digidentity verifies a person’s identity through a completely remote process that reads the chip in their passport and uses liveness detection to check that they are a real person all at once.

We are eIDAS notified by Europe and UK DIATF certified by governments to store identities so you can be sure you’re dealing with the best.

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Data extraction: Our optical document verification technology and NFC chip reading accurately extract data from identity documents from over 180 countries.

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Document authenticity checks: We check every identity document’s security features to be certain its authentic.

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Liveness detection: our liveness detection makes sure that it’s a real person in front of the camera.

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Biometric face match: we compare the scan of the person’s face during liveness detection to their passport photo to make sure they are the same person.

The easy way for your users to prove who they are.

Digidentity is convenient for your customers. With a single digital identity, they can also prove their identity for other uses such as electronic signatures and authentication.

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Our technology verified over 25 million+ users

Fully remote registration

Fast, easy and fully compliant process

Trusted by organisations worldwide

Digital Identity

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Identity Proofing

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Qualified Electronic Signatures

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Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) trusted by governments.

eIDAS notified for level Substantial and High.

eIDAS notified for QES.

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Our coding environment gives developers the tools to build frictionless identity verification solutions that can scale globally.

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