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About Automotive Authentication Certificates

An authorised and safe connection between systems.

Automotive authentication certificates provide secure authentication for situations that do not require personal identity verification, like businesses that work with machines that need to connect with applications and services to do their work. This certificate ensures a safe connection between systems.

How Automotive Authentication works

Company administrators can authorise one or more employees to register for an Automotive Authentication certification. The company administrator and/or employee can renew, create of download a certificate in diverse formats, with email address of their choosing.

Within Digidentity’s Self Service Portal (SSP) company administrators can see all authorised employees and the status of their certificate.


Automotive Authentication Certificates

Secure authentication and access to Solera services with the Automotive Authentication Certificate


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What are the benefits of Digidentity?

Secure authentication even in places where personal identification is impractical.

Always accessible and easy to manage with the Self Service Portal (SSP).

Flexible certifications that can be connected with any browser and operating system.

Identity Verification

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Digital Identity

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Identity Proofing

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The Automotive Authentication certificate is specially developed for Solera services. Solera is a leading global provider in data and software for automotive and vehicle lifecycle management.

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