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Digidentity. Digital identity made easy.

Our job is to make your job easier. Verifying your partners and clients, improve digital workflows and all without compromising safety/security.

We make it easier for people to safely interact with the world.

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At Digidentity, we believe everyone should be in control of their own identity. Digidentity raises the bar by simplifying digital identity, making it more accessible than ever before. While trust is the foundation of everything we do, creating ground-breaking digital customer experiences is our core. Constantly driven to innovate, we have already verified over 25 million identities with our remote identification technology. Providing reusable identities including services such as identity proofing, authentication, electronic signatures and more.

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Our mission from the start has been to provide a secure platform that facilitates a smooth and easy way to interact between people, organisations and governments.

The pioneers of digital identity

Always innovating in an industry that’s constantly moving.

We are motivated by the belief that people should have control over their own data. Where other people talked about the dangers and risks of digitalisation, he saw possibilities and solutions. What started as a small business in 2008, turned into a fast growing and innovative company that bring some of the most advanced solutions to the market.  

Digidentity is the pioneer that created a digital identity platform that functions on a global scale. Our technology is used to strengthen workflows, simplify processes and increase efficiency. While digitalisation happens at full speed, the need for advanced solutions grew. As a result, our digital ecosystem helped governments by building easy to use and secure infrastructures and has verified millions of digital identities. Combined with our remote onboarding and user-friendly technology we allow companies to take full advantage of digitalisation.  

Mission accomplished? Not quite. The world is constantly changing, and we gladly evolve with it. We stay driven to innovate, to adapt, to keep improving our digital identity platform. So, that in a digital environment in which sensitive information and personal data are frequently exchanged, your personal data stays under your control.

Making digital identity easy since 2008



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Your Partner In Trust. Helping your business become digitally secure.

Quick, seamless, accurate. Easy to integrate into your existing workflows. Get the highest assurance levels that people are who they say. Choose from a range of scalable and configurable identity services, tailored to support and secure your business.

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Digidentity Wallet

Our digital identity platform is an environment of trust.

Leading mobile technology

Gives you access to a remote identification process.

Scalable enterprise solutions

We love growing together to expand possibilities.

Tailored to your organisations needs

Accessible API ready to be fully integrated with your own processes and systems.

Foundation of trust

Certified QTSP and compliant solutions.

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Digidentity, part of Solera Holdings Our passion for innovation aligned with Solera

In January 2017 Digidentity became part of Solera Holdings. Solera is a leading global provider in data and software for automotive and vehicle lifecycle management.

They serve over 300,000 global customers and partners in 100+ countries. For more information, visit

Embrace change, impact the future

The industry leading identity solutions from Digidentity can be easily integrated, resold or referred. Unite forces to future proof your organisation.

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