Simply secure your documents with a Qualified Profession Certificate

The way of signing digitally for professionals in recognised professions.

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Increase the trust in the authenticity in your documents.

Digidentity’s Qualified Profession Certificates add a layer of security and professionalism to documents. Showing both the name and title of the signatory, it provides assurance to other businesses and partners that the person signing the document is authorised and qualified to do so.

Having the same capabilities as a Qualified Electronic Signatures, a Qualified Profession Certificate will protect against fraud and is as legally binding as a handwritten signature.

How a Qualified Profession Certificate works

The Qualified Profession Certificate can be used by recognized professions like notary publics, chartered accountants, and bailiffs. Digidentity will first check with the connecting register to confirm authorisation. With our unique registration process that can be done remotely, professionals can conveniently confirm their identity and occupation. Once the registration is finished, they can effortlessly utilize their Qualified Profession Certificate to sign documents digitally. Simply open the Digidentity app, select the right certificate and sign your documents by entering your pin code. No smart card reader or USB token required.

As Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) under the EU electronic Identification and Signatures regulation, we are granted to deliver Qualified Profession Certificates. Digidentity is listed on the EU Trusted Lists

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Profession Certificates

Professional Certificates to allow certain professions to sign with their name and title


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Give your employees and customers a free, safe and easy way to prove their identity.

Once they have their Digidentity, they can reuse it to prove their identity for any other uses such as electronic signatures, authentication and identity verification. No more complicated and repetitive onboarding processes.

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Guarantees the origin and authenticity of the signed document.

Strengthens the trust of recipients, removing any doubts due the qualifications of the signatory.

Has the same legal standing as a handwritten signature in EU & UK.

Protects against fraud and forgery.

Completely remote process – no video/in person appointment, saving paper, time and costs.

A digital workflow, allowing signatories to simply sign documents from their smartphone.

No additional costs for hardware tokens, physical smart cards or face to face checks.

Qualified Profession Certificates of the highest level of assurance, compliant with eIDAS regulations.

Digidentity’s underlying qualified signing technology is recognised by leading international document management companies like Adobe as best-in-class. Our Qualified Profession Certificates are a secure way to digitally sign and ensures greater trust in the origin of the document.

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One-of-a-kind enterprise solutions

Our Qualified Profession Certificates can be accessed and managed in-house using secure APIs and integrated fully with your own systems with the mobile SDK.

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