I log in once and go where I want to

Digidentity is a digital identity to make your online life simpler and safer. Together with GOV.UK Verify this is a new way to prove who you are online, so you can use government services like viewing your driving licence or filing your tax.

State of the art registration

When you’re using digital services, you need to be sure that your privacy is being protected and your data is secure. Government departments providing services online need to know it’s you (not someone pretending to be you), and to ensure your information is safe.

All you need is a passport, ID card or driving licence and smartphone.

Once you have created your digidentity you can use it as many times as you want to sign in to websites, to show who you are.

Be verified by Digidentity

Internet surfing safely?

Choose a future with us!

How many Internet profiles do you have? 10, 20, 30? How safe are they?

Digidentity offers you 1 profile, as reliable as a passport and easy to use. Log in 1 time and the Internet road lies at your feet. That is the future we are working on.